Re-Opening Guide For A Safe Visit At Eden Street

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Please click on each individual slide to enlarge for more information.  Online Reservations are now available and although we enjoy engaging with you on social media the best way to contact us would be via email, relax@edenstreetspa.com or the phone, 250-923-2086.

We ask that you please be kind, compassionate and patient as we adapt to this situation.  Eden Street is operating at half capacity and your understanding and co-operation is greatly appreciated while we try to navigate this.  We look forward to serving you!

We LOVE SUGARING and want to explain why sometimes your skin may react to Hair Removal Services. Read below…

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Sugaring is our favorite form of hair removal but with every hair removal service out there sometimes people have a sensitivity.  It is important to us to be educated and to educate our guests.

A Histamine Reaction is easily identified by a rash that presents itself as welts or bumps.  This reaction may happen immediately after your sugar service.  Histamine is very helpful and it works by enlarging the blood vessels and making them easier to penetrate.  The body then swells and protects the affected area hence some people may experience swelling.

Sugaring is a quick way to remove hair from most areas of the body.  However, it is common for bumps to develop on the skin after Sugaring.   Many people will observe small, red bumps on the skin immediately after sugaring.  Others may notice them about a week later.  These are some of the possible causes of bumps after sugaring, as well as some treatment options and prevention tips.


The following are some common causes of bumps after hair removal:

Contact dermatitis

Possible causes of bumps after hair removal include contact dermatitis, folliculitis and ingrown hairs.  Fragranced soaps and detergents are common culprits, but WAX and any chemicals it contains may also contribute to contact dermatitis.  One of the reasons why we love sugaring as it is all natural, just simply sugar and water so the likely of contact dermatitis is almost eliminated.

Usually, the bumps that occur after contact dermatitis are very itchy. Contact dermatitis can also cause the following symptoms:

  • burning
  • a stinging sensation
  • swelling
  • peeling skin


Folliculitis causes itchy bumps that may have a red ring around them. They may also look similar to those of acne.

Folliculitis occurs due to damage following hair removal. Damaged hair follicles are more vulnerable to invading bacteria. When bacteria — such as staph bacteria, which are naturally present on the skin — infect the hair follicles, folliculitis can occur.

Wearing very tight clothing that rubs against the hair follicles can cause further irritation and may make the condition worse.

Ingrown hair

An ingrown hair may appear about a week after sugaring. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair grows and reinserts itself into the hair follicle.

Ingrown hairs can cause itchy and sometimes painful bumps that often look like pimples on the skin. Without treatment, ingrown hairs can become infected.

Symptoms of an infection include the hair follicle leaking pus, the area feeling warm to the touch, and in some cases, an ingrown hair cyst.


In most cases, a person can treat bumps after sugaring at home.  Try to keep the area clean, dry, and moisturized, as this can help reduce irritation until the skin has recovered from sugaring.

Home remedies

Applying a cold compress may sooth skin irritation after Sugaring.

Some home remedies that can soothe bumps after hair removal include:

  • Cleansing the skin: Using a gentle soap and warm water to cleanse the skin can help minimize irritants. Gently pat the skin dry to avoid further irritation.
  • Using cold compresses: Applying a cold compress to the area can help soothe irritation and reduce post-sugaring bumps. A person can run cold water over a washcloth and apply it to the skin.
  • Wearing loose clothing: Not wearing tight clothing for 1–2 days after sugaring can help keep the fibers from rubbing against the skin and causing irritation.
  • Using warm compresses: Warm compresses are helpful for ingrown hairs, as they can help the pores open up and potentially release the ingrown hair.
  • Using cortisone cream: Applying cortisone cream to clean skin after waxing may help relieve inflammation and swelling.
  • Applying fragrance free moisturizers: Applying fragrance free moisturizers or an aftercare product related to sugaring will help.

 Medical treatments

A person should see their doctor if the bumps start showing signs of infection. If this does occur, it will usually do so starting 2–3 days after hair removal.

A doctor may prescribe an antibiotic ointment or oral antibiotics to treat the infection. These either prevent further bacteria from growing or kill off existing bacteria on the skin.


A person can take steps to help prevent bumps after sugaring different areas of the body. These include:


Before sugaring the face, it is best to:

  • Avoid using retinol products for 2–5 days before waxing. These products increase the risk of skin damage due to sugaring.
  • Refrain from applying makeup to the skin before sugaring, and do not use makeup for the remainder of the day after, if possible.
  • Apply fragrance free moisturizers to the skin post-sugaring. Avoid using products that contain “actives,” such as glycolic acid or retinol, in the immediate post-sugaring period.

When washing the face, avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin with a towel. This could further irritate skin.

Legs, arms, and bikini area

Exfoliating the skin using a gentle sugar scrub or body brush before can help both reduce dead skin cells and enhance sugaring results.  This will also help with preventing red bumps.

A person should also wear loose fitting clothing after sugaring and refrain from picking at or scratching bumps after can also help reduce the risk of further complications.


Bumps that occur after sugaring are usually temporary and will resolve without treatment.

If they persist beyond a few days or start showing signs of infection — such as redness, warmth, or swelling — a person should speak to their doctor. If the bumps persist after every service, a person should consider using different hair removal services, or speak to their esthetician about ways to reduce skin bumps.

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Sugaring Hair Removal Pre and Post Sugaring Care

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Sugar paste is safe for all skin types even sensitive!  Since sugar never adheres to live skin cells, only the dead cells will be removed acting as a gentle exfoliation, which is why we ask that you not exfoliate your skin the day before the service.  Avoid also using any creams or lotions on the day of your appointment.

Between sugaring appointments it is important to keep the sugared areas exfoliated and moisturized, avoid exfoliating 24 hours after sugaring.  Ask your Sugarist what exfoliation and moisturizing system would be best for you!

Things to avoid after your appointment:

  • Perfumes
  • Scented creams/lotions
  • Deodorant if you had your underarms sugared
  • Heat, such as baths/steam rooms
  • Direct sunlight or tanning beds
  • Perspiration, skip the gym 😉

We look forward to your visit with one of our SUGARISTA’S!


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Eden Street Salon and Day Spa

Join us in warming the soles of local ladies in need of services from Campbell River and North Island Transition Society.

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We will see you all tomorrow morning at Frank James Park for our 9:30am warmup before the Walk of Hope!

"I went from being told I was constipated to having late stage, aggressive cancer." Do YOU know the symptoms? #OvarIt

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We hope to see you all (from a safe distance 😂) this Sunday at 9:30am at Frank James Park in support of Ovarian Cancer Canada's virtual Walk of Hope ❤️ Join us in honouring our beautiful angel Jyoti by walking one of her favourite routes & help raise awareness for this devastating disease which affects so many.
Interested in supporting but can't attend our walk? Please visit noca.convio.net/site/TR/2020WalkofHope/General?team_id=9906&pg=team&fr_id=1551&fbclid=IwAR1Y8mUHF... to make your donation 💕
Please share this post and take a minute out of your day to educate yourself about the symptoms and signs of Ovarian Cancer - we've posted an educational video on our stories and will continue to share resources during the month of September. #jyotisbeauties #doitforjyoti #ovariancancerawareness #walkofhope

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We're closed tomorrow (Sept 7) for labour day Monday 💕 we hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather this long weekend ☀ #momentofzen #lovewhereyoulive #vancouverisland ...

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September is #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth ❤️ 1 in 78 women will be diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in their lifetime. How will you join this conversation and spread awareness? Stay tuned to our Instagram for ways you can be involved directly to support research & those affected by this horrible illness. #earlydetectioniskey #knowthesymptoms #ovariancancerawareness #jyotisbeauties #ovariancancer ...

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Tag someone who you have this type of friendship with <3The highest honor of friendship isn't getting invited to "that party" or out on a girls weekend. It's not clinking champagne glasses at fancy brunches or wearing matching shirts on a beach in Florida. That all is nice and fun and good and special, but it's not what it's about, not at all.

The real honor of friendship is being invited into someone's REAL. It's getting an invitation into the nitty gritty, the not-so-pretty, the hard stuff, the vulnerable stuff, the weird stuff, the unpolished stuff. It's being welcomed into a home where the sink is full of dishes and the laundry is covering the couch. It's entering the places of heart ache and pain. It's being invited to the hospital room when your friend is still in her mesh underwear from birth. It's sitting crosslegged in old sweats on the floor and laughing till you cry. It's carrying around secrets that you've been trusted to keep. It's listening and hearing. It's holding space for each other. It's answering phone calls just to talk something through.

The highest honor of friendship isn't found in beautifully planned events or brightly filtered photos.

The highest honor of friendship is messy and dingy and real. It's in unfiltered photos of laughing so hard your double chin is showing. It's loving each other's babies and holding each other while you ugly cry.

I can't stress this enough:

If you've been invited into even one person's real, you are blessed.

Cherish it.

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Join Campbell River's #1 Salon and Spa for 2015-2019 & Best Place to work! We are looking to add to our friendly and professional team of Stylists at Eden Street. Support with ongoing education to develop your talent and inspire your creativity! We require a qualified hairdresser to work on a full-time basis and enjoy a full clientele ready for you. ...

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